Returning home...

I was pleased how this image turned out, although it ended up being nothing like I had planned, which is often the case.  

It was to be a volcano, made of shredded paper,  but after making the cone and curling coloured red, orange and yellow paper into lava, it looked so rubbish that I had to take it apart...

...but just before I did, I flattened the mouth and put a little house on it (as you do) to see what it looked like.  It looked lonely so I gave it some neighbours and photographed it with my Lensbaby Composer pro, with sweet 35 Optic, which gave a sense of movement and scale which I liked.  The moon and silhouette were added in photoshop, as were the flypaper textures.  

I like that it looks like an illustration but is very much a photograph.

Photo 147 of 365 in 2013/878 days in a row.

...and as the moon rose into the night sky the boy began his long journey home.

I have the whole story in me somewhere :)

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