The Royal Photographic, Visual Art Magazine

I'm so delighted to receive this in the post this morning!

My image on the front cover, and an interview in, the Royal Photographic Society, Visual Art Magazine. Thank you so much Nicki Gwynn-Jones and all at the magazine.


My RedBubble Shop

I've updated my Redbubble shop adding lots more images that can be bought as prints, cards, clocks and many more products, pop over and visit :) https://www.redbubble.com/people/CatMacBride


My Image in The Winter Open in Rua Red

My Image is part of the Rua Red Winter Open Exhibition which runs until the 24th of January.  The exhibition is a wonderful collection of pieces and well worth the visit :)


Rua Red Winter Open Exhibition

I won't lie...

I find myself very out of my depths among a collection of really wonderful Irish based artists as one of the contributors to the upcoming Rua Red Winter Open Exhibition. The Exhibition launches later this month on Friday the 20th, 6pm-8pm.

More information is available here where you can also book (free) tickets to come along to the launch and see what is always a great show (and say hello to me while you are there).

Cat :)


I'm on the Flickr Blog :)

It only took me twelve years but I finally made it onto the Flickr Blog in a lovely piece written by Leticia Roncero. you can read it Here.



So over the last year or so I've been trying my hand at producing short little video clips for sale on my Stocksy portfolio and I have to say I've really enjoyed the challenge.

It involved learning a whole new editing software (DaVinci Resolve), which I'm still getting to grips with, but like everything else the more I use it the easier it gets.

I now have over 100 video clips for sale which I'm rather pleased with.


I'm a 500px Ambassador :)

I have no idea how I forgot to tell you but I was made an Ambassador for 500px at the end of 2017, come find me there https://500px.com/catmacbride


That time of year again...

For decades the end of August, beginning of September always meant the return to books.  All through school and college and later in my life while teaching, this time of year always had the buzz of new books and new pencils and the excitement of learning something new to look forward too.

This year I wanted to celebrate this time of year and do something different, so I gathered together some of my (many) favourite books to enjoy again and use as the basis for a small series of paper craft scenes.

I hoped each scene could become a little world on top of the piles of books which hold so many magical worlds within their pages.

These images are available to licence on Stocksy


Featured on the Stocksy Blog...

Delighted to have some of my work featured in the Stocksy Blog today. You can see it HERE.


My Fellowship in Photography

I'm delighted to say that I was awarded a Fellowship in Photography from the Irish Photographic Federation (IPF) on Saturday the 23rd of September 2017 :)

My written statement: 

It may seem a little odd, but I have always loved paper. As a child I would sit, scissors in hand and cut-out chains of people & free snowflakes from sheets of paper just to entertain myself.

When I started a 365 photography project back in 2011 it didn't take long to run out of things to photograph. Once again I turned to a blank sheet of white paper; this time to make something to use as a prop.

2458 days later I'm still taking a photograph everyday. Making stuff from paper has become my “thing” and with my camera I try to bring my imagination to each paper scene.

This panel of 20 images comes from my on-going photography project and represents a glimpse of how I imagine the night would look if the world was made of paper. 

If you want to see each shot bigger and a selection of images that didn't make it on to the panel click here


Photography Masterclass Magazine, April 2017

I'm the featured photographer in "Photography Masterclass Magazine" this month (issue 52).


2,000 days in a row!

I've been taking a photo everyday since the 1st of January 2011, yesterday I made it to 2,000 days in a row! you can see some of my favourites from the last 5+ years here :)


RUA RED Exhibition, March 1st-31st 2016

I'm delighted to have a collection of my images on display in RUA RED Dublin as part of their Cafe Wall series more information is available on their website www.ruared.ie


I'm in Photographize Magazine :)

I'm delighted to be in issue 29 of Photographize Magazine, I'm on pages 75-85 :)


Featured on the Stocksy Blog! :)

Stocksy interview...

Well the jig is up and my plan to stay firmly behind the camera has gone completely out the window with a video interview on me...If you where in any way interested in these sort of things you can read and watch it here HERE eek!


Fog and Forest...

Fog and Forest...

1,500 days in a row!!

After a little bit of discussion and a little bit of maths we just realised today was our 1,500th day in a row of our photo project!!!

My full set of 1500 images is here:

Scott's are here:

that's  4 years, 1 month and 8 days non-stop :D



in paper :)



he was being sweet drawing me a smiley face on the frozen window but it ended up looking plain ass creepy!