Getting Messy

I have been thinking a lot about my 365 project recently, I even thought about ending the project at the end of last year, but I realised I very much enjoy having a creative outlet in my day.  

With well over 4,000 thousand days under my belt now, and having tried so many different things from paper-craft, animation, video production, painting and more, I realised things have gotten a bit messy on my photo stream.  

Yesterday I tried to look at my images and categorise them by putting them into albums on Flickr, my old faithful photo sharing site and home to my 365 project since it started back in 2011. 

It seemed to make sense, but it got me to wondering; how do artists with a large body of work in different mediums present their work? Do they create different profiles for each medium? Have different agents for each type of work? or just pile it all together like a giant image jumble sale? 

I really don't have the answers to these questions or any idea where to start to find them, but in the meantime I do have some slightly better organised albums HERE 

Cat :)

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