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The birthday burrito boys...

The birthday burrito boys...

It's Scotts birthday today and we started the celebrations with burritos for brunch...two very happy men ;) 88.365.2014/1184 days in a row


The only way is up!

the only way is up!

unless of course you are talking about the new flickr page which was rolled out today for all English speaking users...it's totally awful...so I've changed my language to Spanish to stay with the old view as long as possible! ¡hola :)

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dog eat dog world

dog eat dog world...

my take on why dinosaurs became extinct :)

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cutting..., originally uploaded by CatMacBride.

they really are quite pretty, some of my lovely tools for cutting, punching, folding and measuring paper :)

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just perfect...

just perfect..., originally uploaded by CatMacBride.

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bullseye!, originally uploaded by CatMacBride.

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the sky at night...

the sky at night..., originally uploaded by CatMacBride.

I'm hopeless at night time shooting but I sure did enjoy being out in the middle of nowhere in the dead of night...puts everything in perspective :)

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forest find...

forest find..., originally uploaded by CatMacBride.

probably the best swing we've ever found on a forest walk, I even had a go myself ;)

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stackosaurus..., originally uploaded by CatMacBride.

yep! nothing like a game of dinosaur jenga on a Saturday night :)

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taking in the view...

taking in the view..., originally uploaded by CatMacBride.

66.365.2014/1162 days in a row

setting suns...

setting suns..., originally uploaded by CatMacBride.

bokeh through the car window tonight...sometimes life does get a little blurry round the edges.

65.365.2014/1161 days in a row

having your...

having your..., originally uploaded by CatMacBride.

don't you hate it when it happens?

64.365.2014/1160 days in a row

big city sky...

big city sky..., originally uploaded by CatMacBride.

Dublin city in sunshine :)

63.365.2014/1159 days in a row

tiger stripes...

tiger stripes..., originally uploaded by CatMacBride.

sometimes I wish I was a cat :)

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let me tell you a story...

let me tell you a story..., originally uploaded by CatMacBride.

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at Massey's woods...

at Massey's woods..., originally uploaded by CatMacBride.

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from the sea...

from the sea..., originally uploaded by CatMacBride.

59.365.2014/1155 days in a row

after sunset

after sunset, originally uploaded by CatMacBride.

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the interweb...

the interweb..., originally uploaded by CatMacBride.

the connected home :)
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tree, originally uploaded by CatMacBride.

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morning light...

morning light..., originally uploaded by CatMacBride.

really, really boring subject matter really, really beautiful light :)
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part processed with a PS action from my lovely contact Lynn www.flickr.com/people/squareballoon_lynn/


portrait, originally uploaded by CatMacBride.

using a lensbaby (composer pro and sweet 35 optic) and a daylight bulb.
54.365.2014/1150 days in a row

town house...

town house..., originally uploaded by CatMacBride.

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red, originally uploaded by CatMacBride.

playing around with a daylight bulb and my lensbaby and I liked how it turned out even if it's a simple subject....

52.365.2014/1148 days in a row

Brightness was drenching through the branches...

51.365.2014/1147 days in a row

empty streets...

empty streets..., originally uploaded by CatMacBride.

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