double act!

double act!, originally uploaded by CatMacBride.

Logan drew these guys for me tonight, I think they're awesome so I cut them out and photographed them :)

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home preservation...

home preservation..., originally uploaded by CatMacBride.

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homework..., originally uploaded by CatMacBride.

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welcome in the storm...

welcome in the storm..., originally uploaded by CatMacBride.

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take back...

take back..., originally uploaded by CatMacBride.

and now for something completely different, well for me anyway :)

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the view...

the view..., originally uploaded by CatMacBride.

one of my favourite views :)

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making eyes at each other...

making eyes at each other..., originally uploaded by CatMacBride.

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tiny hearted...

tiny hearted..., originally uploaded by CatMacBride.

took out my cheapo extension tubes tonight to have a play with...haven't played with them in years! they work very well with my 40mm pancake lens....those squares are 1cm in size :)

31.365.2014/1127 days in a row

rocking horse...

rocking horse..., originally uploaded by CatMacBride.

tried my hand at making a paper rocking horse tonight, it didn't turn out quite like I wanted but it's a start :)

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winter sun...

winter sun..., originally uploaded by CatMacBride.

29.365.2014/1125 days in a row

the meeting...

the meeting..., originally uploaded by CatMacBride.

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dark forest

dark forest, originally uploaded by CatMacBride.

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after the storm...

after the storm..., originally uploaded by CatMacBride.

taken while we were out for a Sunday morning walk.

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home..., originally uploaded by CatMacBride.

25.365.2014/1121 days in a row

telly addicts...

telly addicts..., originally uploaded by CatMacBride.

Duffy is turning into a right telly addict! anything with birds in it keeps her interest :)

24.365.2014/1120 days in a row

city smog...

city smog..., originally uploaded by CatMacBride.

a little paper cutting and smoke in a can :)

23.365.2014/1119 days in a row

a portrait in possessions, Eddie

I think this one actually looks like the portrait of a hit man! he's not though I can assure you, it's my lovely brother in law Eddie :)

22.365.2014/1118 days in a row