the lights are on...

the lights are on..., originally uploaded by CatMacBride.

Trying to light my little paper homes from the inside tonight :)

210.365.2013/941 days in a row


A little paper cutting stop motion animation, it took ages to cut but plays in seconds :)

209.365.2013/940 days in a row

big fish...

big fish..., originally uploaded by CatMacBride.

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dream home...

dream home..., originally uploaded by CatMacBride.

206.365.2013/937 days in a row :)

processed using the new Metallics set from flypapertextures.comhttp://flypapertextures.com/metallic-launch-blog/

word search...

word search..., originally uploaded by CatMacBride.

A re-do of an older shot with a little word search thrown in for good measure :)

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Foxgloves on Slieve Bloom

Foxgloves on Slieve Bloom, originally uploaded by CatMacBride.

taken on a walk around the ridge of Capard on the Slieve Bloom mountains.



tales from the sea...

tales from the sea..., originally uploaded by CatMacBride.

A collection from our last visit to the coast. There is something very therapeutic about beach combing :)



blue and orange

blue and orange, originally uploaded by CatMacBride.
we went out this evening to the coast at Newcastle in County Wicklow. We wanted to try and catch some cool sea air and when we got there the light was beautiful. a I wanted a shot the didn't ruin the simplicity of the sky and sea.

193.365.2013/924 days in a row :)


little robin loud mouth...

little robin loud mouth..., originally uploaded by CatMacBride.

yes I know he looks pretty and makes you want to go ah how cute...but this little guy is the noisiest most obnoxious little bird to ever frequent our garden...if only we still had Custard he would have sorted him out! ;) 

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country roads :)

country roads :), originally uploaded by CatMacBride.

only five minutes from home. The world glowed this evening :)

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Digital SLR photography magazine

I was lucky enough to be asked to take part in the "Creative Eye" section of the August edition of the magazine.  Each month an ordinary item is picked and for August it was paper! (yes I know I fell on my feet with that one :)

The issue is on sale now!

Location, Location, Location!

location location location, originally uploaded by CatMacBride.

 A very simple table shot for the day that was in it.
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A bunch of bog cotton...

a bunch of bog cotton..., originally uploaded by CatMacBride.

The Dublin mountains are covered in a blanket of bog cotton at the moment, it's totally magical.

189.365.2013/920 days in a row


Summer nights fair...

summer nights fair..., originally uploaded by CatMacBride.

 Paper art, the merry go round is made from a take away container.

188.365.2013/919 days in a row

The way out...

the way out..., originally uploaded by CatMacBride.

tou just have to love the old reliable slinky :)

187.365.2013/918 days in a row


Through fields of bog cottton...

Taken on top of the Dublin mountains, the whole place is covered in Bog Cotton probably because it's been such a wet summer. It looks magical!

184.365.2013/915 days in a row


A soft day...

soft day..., originally uploaded by CatMacBride.

we were out this evening taking shots in the rain :)

183.365.2013/914 days in a row