...the boy ran and ran...

I had fun with this shot tonight, I had tried to do this shot in real life the other day in the forest but couldn't get it to work.  So tonight I set up my paper forest and my Fujifilm X100S on a tripod and took this shot in low light, with shallow depth of field and a slow shutter speed. (Exposure .6, Aperture f/4.0, Focal Length 23mm, ISO 640).

Today was day 150 of my 365!! 

Day 150 of 365 in 2013/881 Days in a row

...the boy ran and ran......until his lungs stung with the cold air and his ears were filled with the howls of wolfs and the creaking of gnarled branches...he knew he couldn't stop till home was in sight....



I had no new ideas to add to my idea book while out for coffee tonight with Scott, but I liked the shot I took of it with my little X100S :)




Taken while out for a stroll in the woods with my Lensbaby this evening :)



Returning home...

I was pleased how this image turned out, although it ended up being nothing like I had planned, which is often the case.  

It was to be a volcano, made of shredded paper,  but after making the cone and curling coloured red, orange and yellow paper into lava, it looked so rubbish that I had to take it apart...

...but just before I did, I flattened the mouth and put a little house on it (as you do) to see what it looked like.  It looked lonely so I gave it some neighbours and photographed it with my Lensbaby Composer pro, with sweet 35 Optic, which gave a sense of movement and scale which I liked.  The moon and silhouette were added in photoshop, as were the flypaper textures.  

I like that it looks like an illustration but is very much a photograph.

Photo 147 of 365 in 2013/878 days in a row.

...and as the moon rose into the night sky the boy began his long journey home.

I have the whole story in me somewhere :)



Today was spent on a MacBride, Magical, Mystery, Tour, (MMMT), were we jump in the car with no maps (we have them for finding our way home though) and each of us takes a  turn in deciding which direction we go at each junction. 

Today we ended up at the Slieve Bloom Mountains in County Laois and we walked till we found the beautiful Glenbarrow waterfalls.

It was a beautiful day with wonderful weather and I decided to travel light and just bring my little X100S to take some shots.  The forest floor was filled with flowering clover and I even found a few little bunches growing on the trees!

A wonderful day out :)

Photo 145 of 365 in 2013/876 days in a row :)


Tools of the Trade :)

Post 144 of 365 in 2013/875 Days in a row.

It was a real rush job tonight to come up with an idea and take a shot, sometimes there just aren't enough hours in the day!


The Book Lovers :)

Day 143 of 365 in 2013/874 days in a row.

One of the disadvantages of a 365 is, that everything you do or make for a shot is usually done within a much shorter time span than you would like.  This idea for example has been in my idea book for a while and in my head the bridge is far more detailed...but with the restraints of time you can only do so much, and so the bridge remains plain.  The couple are suppose to be my sister and brother in law :)

The image was lit by torch and shot at an aperture of f/1.4 to compensate for the low light and Flypaper Textures were added in Photoshop.


Storing Wishes...

Day 142 of 365 in 2013/873 days in a row

The ginny joes caught my eye while looking for the cat at the back door last night. So off I went out into the garden to pick a bunch, which believe it or not sounds a lot easyier than it actually is. :) The image was lit from the side, given a square crop and Flypaper textures were added in PS.


A little breathing space...

As some of you may know Flickr underwent a complete change the other night, when Yahoo threw the baby out with the bath water. It's a change that hasn't gone down well with most Flickr users and as the complaints mount unanswered on the help forum I've decided that one of the biggest problems I have with it, is the total lack of breathing space given to each photo.

Everything is crammed into the one spot and overly justified. It looks messy and new additions to my photostream only add to the sense of claustrophobia. So as a result I have decided that I am going to honour the hard work I have put into my photos in the last few years by posting them here as well as on flickr and allowing them some breathing space...

I will try to post each day and am hoping to have a little more space to give some more details about each photo. So without further ado I give you "The New Flickr Health Warning, Googly Eyes" post 141 of 365 in 2013, 872 days in a row :)

Thanks so much to my honey Scott for being such a great model. Googly eyes were captured in camera and the image had flypaper textures added in PS. Lighting is always difficult when you have reflective surfaces such as glass, so Scott was lit from above with a 580exii flash through an umbrella.


Judging a book by the cover...

As a lover of books I have to say I love when my images are purchased for use as book covers :)

All my covers can be seen here: book covers on flickr more on the way :)