Take a photo or make a photo?

I love taking photos...

As I write this I've taken at least one photo every day for the last 442 days now.

For me I think the photos I like most are the ones I've taken when I managed to put myself back in the frame of mind I had when I was a child. My parents called me a "space cadet"...I regularly "zoned out" and went into a world of my own where I could see a whole world of strange characters in our carpet pattern (we did have a lot of really bad 70's style carpets), I made vast underground networks of caves with my bed sheets and our local den wasen't a gap in the trees but a magical castle. If things didn't look like I wanted them too I changed them in my head. I was a happy child.

As an adult I've found that making photos rather than taking them is rather fun...if something doesn't quite look as I hoped it would...I change it.

We live in a world of amazing digital possibilities and all that limits it is our own imagination (and I admit your photoshop skills). So think about each photo as you did when you were a kid...should that tree have a door in it? should the sky be filled with birds? Was that landscape much more vibrant in your head? ..if it was then play around with it till it's just right for you. Throw out the rule book! we have enough of them in the everyday world. Go make your own imagined landscape :)