The End of Summer!

Well that's it, tomorrow is officially the last day of the summer holidays! School begins again on the 30th of August in this neck of the woods and it will be back to routine, school traffic, homework, new pencils, books and copies the works.

But I love this time of year! new classes, new students and the excuse to shop for stationary, some women love shoe shopping _ I love books, pens, pencils and stationary (if you ever loose me in Dublin city centre Easons is a good place to start looking).

So here's to a time of change and possibilities and the excuse to buy a new notebook and pencil.
Remember its never too late to teach an old dog a new trick, and September is the perfect time to do it.


The best view of Dublin!

Believe it or not one of the best views of Dublin is actually to be found in Co.Wicklow. Today we climbed the Great Sugar Loaf and what a view it was!

The climb was made that little bit sweeter when we passed a group kitted out in all the gear you would need to climb Everest, sweating profusely.
They all looked a little embarrassed passing my 5 year old coming down in his Clark's trainers and plastic rain mac.

So if your any where near Kilmacanogue or Glen of the Downs look up and take a detour its well worth the trip.


A week of celebration!

Its been such a great week! from my birthday 7 days ago to my 12th wedding anniversary today!

It has included trips to Brittas Bay beach, the cinemas, out for dinner and lunch! and out to the Bray seafront for great fish and chips!

We definitely got the best of the weather too and there was some great Irish weather over the past week.

Do you think there is any rule about how long you can keep celebrating a birthday? if not I think I'll keep it going for the year.